St. Louis holds electives assembly


Leah Chvojka

A few students are enjoying the elective of Strength and Conditioning.

Leah Chvojka, Staff Writer

Here at St. Louis High School (SLHS), there are plenty of options for electives. From Journalism to Forensic Science,  there are lots of ways for students to get involved and learn more than what’s required for high school students to graduate. 

Plenty of students are very excited to join these electives. Ashlynn Breen, a freshman at SLHS, stated, “Although I know I have to wait a little bit before taking some of these classes, the electives I’m looking into are Yearbook, Forensic Science, and Anatomy.” 

Another student, sophomore Haylee Davis, added, “I’m looking into Art 2 for next year, possibly another Ag class that will help with FFA, and to take Yearbook.” 

A junior at SLHS, Andrew Musselman, shared, “Digital media 3, Yearbook, and Accounting are the only electives I am looking forward to.” 

When asked if she regretted not doing any electives, senior Reyna Rojas stated, “I regret not doing yearbook because that class seems super fun. I also really regret not doing steel band this year because steel band is so cool and I’ve always wanted to learn how to play one of them.”

If there are any questions students have, they are welcome to talk to counselor Ms.Cahoon about their schedule. It is heavily encouraged at SLHS to join an elective that you will enjoy because it makes high school more fun and also because it will be more beneficial for the future lives of SLHS students.