Quiz Bowl competes at tournament in Fulton


Matt Burleson

St. Louis Quiz Bowl gets ready to compete. From left to right: Breck Hodges, Kira Dowell, Alex Baxter, and Dawson Brundage.

Keegan Honig, Editor

St. Louis Quiz Bowl competed Saturday, Jan. 25, at Fulton public school. St. Louis’ team consisted of seniors Kira Dowell and Breck Hodges, and sophomores Alex Baxter and Dawson Brundage. The Sharks went 2-3 in pool play, with wins against Quincy and Whitecloud and losses against St. Frances Cabrini, Roeper, and Jonesville. 

According to coach Matt Burleson, “This was a star-studded field. At least half the teams here won state bids or national bids.”

In fact, St. Frances Cabrini and Roeper both won bids to the national tournament in Washington D.C., and Jonesville ended up with a bid to the state tournament as well. The Sharks went against some extremely tough competition, but they held their own against some stellar teams from all around Michigan.

Since the Sharks had a losing record in pool play, they went on to the consolation round rather than the championship round. Sadly, St. Louis went 0-3 to end the day. However, Burelson shared, “We were in every single game until the last couple [of] questions.” Burleson also shared that St. Louis could’ve easily gone 6-2 on the day rather than 2-6, “if a couple of questions had gone our way.”

Brundage shared, “We didn’t do that bad at Fulton, even though we only won two out of eight of our matches. I felt like our team knew the questions, but we were too slow to buzz in.”

It was a good showing for the Sharks considering they had to compete against some excellent competition. Burleson stated, “They played very well. They played tough. It was our best showing of the year.”