Dancer Danielle shines like a star in her dancing career


Courtesy Photo

Danielle Weller performs a dance routine.

Alexandra Pawlitz, Staff Writer

In Saint Louis High School, there are many talented students in every grade. However, in the senior class, there is a girl who dances and shines like a star and her name is Danielle Weller.

One day, Weller began dancing for Duhadway because she saw a flyer for dance class sign-ups and told her mom she wanted to try dancing. 

Now, Weller is an elite dancer at Duhadway Dance Dimensions. She has been dancing for nine years and out of those nine years, she has been on the elite team for eight years. Throughout the years, she’s advanced greatly. She’s been told by dancers who have more experience than her that she is extremely talented for as young as she is. As a beginner, she went through some obstacles and felt like quitting, but she rose above the struggles and kept trying until she succeeded. 

One of her proudest moments as a dancer is when she danced in a lower category for her first solo and the competition told her that she was too advanced for the section and made her move up to the highest level. She included, “I placed and was awarded ‘dancer of the year’.”

Weller has competed in many different dance competitions throughout her career. In 2018, she competed in the New York City Dance Alliance. On January 25, 2020, Weller performed at an elite experience, which is a performance where all the dancers can perform their competition pieces on stage before the actual competition. It also gives them an opportunity to perform close to home for family and friends. 

Patrick Hanley, Weller’s boyfriend, commented, “It was a fun thing that Duhadway puts on every year for the parents and friends. All of the solos were performed, and Danielle rocked it like she normally does.”

Weller has met some amazing friends through her dancing career. She states that there is no stronger connection when dancing, between two best friends. Through dance camps, competitions, and practices at the studio, she has met some people who will forever have a place in her heart. 

One of her biggest inspirations is her entire team and everyone that has been on her team in the past. She included, “They have all taught me something and have been incredibly supportive through my journey.” 

At Duhadway Dance Dimensions, she has made lots of new friends and such, but she has also met someone she can depend on and go to whenever she needs support. Jillian Duhadway holds a special place in her heart. According to Weller, “Jillian has taught me more than any school teacher I’ve ever had. She has taught me morals and how to behave. She has also taught me right from wrong and everywhere in between. Jillian is one of the most positive influences in my life, and I’m so glad I began dancing for her.”