Ms. Everitt makes a difference in SLHS


Alex Pawlitz

Ms. Everitt passionately teaches math to her students.

Alexandra Pawlitz, Staff Writer

It’s May and you walk into the gym for your last assembly of your high school career trying to forget that after this month you and your friends will go separate ways. As soon as you walk in, you hear the song that resembles who you have been for the past 18 years: the Shark Fight Song. Then, after you’re done crying in the senior circle, you suddenly realize that since Ms. Everitt put so much time and effort into making this assembly memorable, you aren’t even thinking about the future and how sad it will be to leave your friends who have stuck by your side through high school.  

Everitt is a Saint Louis High School alumni who came back to teach at her hometown and has been teaching there for 12 years. She went to Saint Louis Public Schools all 12 years and came back 15 years after she graduated because she is highly passionate about being a Shark. She has taught earth science, pre-calculus, algebra two, algebra, geometry, biology, and physics at SLHS. She started her teaching career at Houghton Lake Community Education in 1999 and then got hired at SLHS in 2007. If Everitt would’ve chosen to go into a different career field, she would’ve gone to vet school and became a veterinarian, but her college professor told her she lacked experience. 

In addition to being a math teacher, she is in charge of student council and this plays a huge role at SLHS. Student council is in charge of planning and decorating homecoming dances, mural contests, spirit days, making assemblies fun, and many other activities involving the students. She puts in a lot of time and effort to ensure every student has a memorable experience for every event she plans. 

Everitt doesn’t believe there is only one important goal in teaching, but she does believe the success of her students is crucial. Her favorite part of her job is when she figures out why students are doing something wrong. She said that when she figures out what her students are thinking, it’s awesome because then she can help other students who are making the same mistakes. She thinks the most difficult part of her job is trying to reach the kids who seem like they don’t care about their education. Everitt said there are some days where there are students who don’t do anything during class, and it is very difficult to get them engaged in what they’re learning. She is very passionate about teaching math and wants to ensure students are learning the content she is teaching. 

A freshman, Isabelle Hrabal, said, “She’s very helpful with her students, and I feel like if you walk into her class, you will walk out successful.”

Johnathan Starry, a junior, said, “She’s very good at teaching and she has definitely improved my math skills. She plays a huge role in SLHS, and this school wouldn’t be the same without her.”

In 2018, Everitt was asked to teach earth science, and even though she didn’t know very much about the subject, she still took up the challenge. To prepare, she asked one of her friends who teaches in another district to send her examples of lessons and constantly read earth science material all summer long. Everitt also relied a lot on Mr. Burleson to guide her through her obstacles. As stated previously, one of her main goals as a teacher is the success of her students. She was determined to teach earth science as well as she could and make sure the material she provided was correct. 

Additionally, Everitt is a mother of three children: Alyx, Charli, and Dilynn. Two of her children have already graduated with the honor of being a Shark and went on to live their lives in different places. She said her main goal when her last child, Dilynn, leaves is not to lose her mind when her nest is empty. On Everitt’s free weekends, she enjoys going to the Crystal Roller Rink with her children and friends. Ever since she was a little girl, roller skating was one of her favorite activities. Her grandma owned a roller rink in St. Louis, so Everitt was there every single Friday night with her cousins and friends. She wishes the roller rink was still there so the current generation could have the same experience as her. 

Macie Salladay said, “She is always willing to help, and with her wide range of skills she can do anything. I like to think of her as the school mom because she always has a sewing kit, thread (for friendship bracelets), or really anything you could ever need. I used to be really bad at math, but her class has helped me not only improve at math, but also in life skills.”