The quircky hobbies of SLHS students


Courtesy Photo

Koutz has a passion for pyrography, making art using wood.

Mackenzie Allbee, Staff Writer

A hobby is an activity, interest, or pastime that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation and done during one’s own time. Saint Louis High School is filled with some very interesting individuals, so we asked students what unusual hobbies they have. 

To start, Libby Munderloh and Alex Lawhorne have taken up the weird hobby of running. Munderloh claimed, “I love putting my body through misery because for some reason I find satisfaction in being able to survive doses of death each day.” Lawhorne said, “I run. Nine miles. In the dark. For fun. I’d say it’s pretty weird. It’s also pretty traumatizing at times.”

Pyrography is freehand art for decorating wood or other materials with burn marks from the controlled application of a heated object such as a poker. Logan Koutz said, “I use a wood burner to burn art into pieces of wood for fun. The actual name of it is Pyrography, and my grandma was the one who got me into it.” 

Trevin Robinson boasted, “All right so basically I grow blankets. I get my seeds, plant them, and tend to them. In four months they grow a whole blanket. Normally six per seed.”

Spencer Sherwood admitted, “I love to knit and make quilts. It’s a secret passion of mine and no one really knows about it. The people who do know that I knit and quilt usually make fun of me for it, but despite what they say I just do what I love.”

Sela Delgado, Reyna Rojas, and Willow Fuentes said they make videos on Tik Tok for fun. Rojas said, “I watch Tik Tok for a ridiculous amount of time, and I also clean for fun.” 

Sometimes you’d never expect someone to take an interest in a certain hobby. However, there are a variety of interesting hobbies to have and here are just a few students at Saint Louis do.