The determined and driven students at SLHS


Keegan Honig

Maxwell is dedicating himself to both basketball and wrestling this winter season.

Keegan Honig, Editor

While some students relax and unwind after school, others are hard at work. Everybody knows the kids who are always studying or always practicing a sport or activity to perfect their craft. These students are determined, hard-working, and very focused, and St. Louis is home to some of these types of teens.

When it comes to school, some students go above and beyond normal expectations. One of these students is junior Dilynn Everitt. Everitt works hard and applies herself to keep a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) and to consistently achieve high test scores. She shared, “I have a lot of self-awareness of what needs work and what doesn’t, so I make sure I study subjects I struggle with and get things done early. It saves me stress and benefits me in the long run.”

Some students are dedicated athletes who seem to always be at the high school much longer than everyone else. Some of these athletes are runners involved in cross country and/or track who run year-round, and some even have extreme running streaks. Senior runner Alex Lawhorne has a streak of around 150 straight days of running! He said, “Since I started [cross country], I always thought the idea of starting a streak was cool. I just never did it until now. It’s a lot of work. It takes a lot of goal-setting, but I think it’s worth it to get as much training in for the season as possible.” Lawhorne, along with numerous other athletes at SLHS, is a great example of an overachieving student.

Another devoted, hard-working athlete is junior Luke Maxwell. Maxwell is involved in sports year-round, including football, basketball, wrestling, and baseball. He is always practicing or working on his game no matter the season, and he’s even dual-sporting this winter. He shared, “I would like to get the most out of my high school athletic and educational career. It helps me to be mentally strong and dedicated to the sports I am involved in.” Maxwell is also involved in Spanish Club, LINKS, FFA, and Students of Influence, so he’s very involved at St. Louis High School. Maxwell is a great example of a student who goes above and beyond and has goals for himself.

There are many students involved in extracurriculars who go above and beyond as well. Sophomore Korah Honig is involved in before-school jazz band, marching/concert band, second-hour steel drum class, and after-school steel drum band. She plays a vital role in each of those bands, and she is always working to perfect her music.

Honig shared, “I play tenor saxophone in jazz band before school every day, and I play clarinet in concert band. During marching season, I am in the drumline, and I have been in marching band since eighth grade. I am also in the steel drum class and the after-school club. I love band, and I spend a lot of time doing it. We have an amazing music program.”

These are just a few examples of hard-working, dedicated students in this school. There are many outlets at SLHS for students to get involved in, and being dedicated to a club or sport will have major benefits in the long run.