SLHS science students demonstrate dissection for second graders


Courtesy Photo

Senior Joslynn Clark enjoyed working with the second grade students.

Keegan Honig, Editor

St. Louis High School science students traveled Wednesday, Nov 27, to Carrie Knause Elementary to teach second graders about dissection. The high school students demonstrated a sheep eyeball dissection for the kids and filled out a packet to keep them involved.

Luke Maxwell shared, “It was cool to spend time in my old classroom with a bunch of young kids. It was fun to teach them about the eye and dissect with them.”

Every year, SLHS science teacher Mrs. Dubridge takes her Anatomy and Advanced Biology classes to Carrie Knause for this event. Many of the high school students remember doing the dissection when they, themselves, were in elementary school.

Danielle Weller said, “I had a wonderful morning teaching second graders about dissection and the way their eyes work compared to how sheeps’ eyes work. I enjoyed the morning with the second graders because it reminded me of when I did the dissection with the high schoolers when I was in second grade.”

Mrs. Dubridge shared, “The sheep eyeball dissection helps give both high school and elementary students a hands-on learning opportunity.”

Overall, it was a great experience for the young kids and for the high schoolers. The elementary students got to experience a real dissection, and the high schoolers got the opportunity to teach younger students.