Mrs. Reeves and her yearbook staff document Shark memories


Ethan Wilson

Mrs. Reeves takes pride in the annual publishing of the SLHS yearbook.

Kaylyn Collins, Staff Writer

You’re flipping through this year’s yearbook and you see a unique photo of yourself with a great caption saying how involved you were in high school.  Then you remember all of the amazing memories you shared with your fellow classmates. If you did not know, Mrs. Terri Reeves is the yearbook adviser/teacher here at Saint Louis. Every day she works diligently with students to create the 2019-2020 yearbook. Not only does she put such a large amount of effort into the yearbook, but she also puts a great deal of effort into making sure students retain their information in Intro to Business/Career Tech, Financial Management, Computer Tech 1 and 2, and Digital Media. 

Growing up, Reeves thought about being a teacher, but she went in a different direction instead. In high school, she was the first female to take computer classes, which led to her wanting a business job. She then went to college and got a degree in business information systems. Her parents were very supportive of her career choices, but her dad took a little longer to support her going to college instead of getting a job right out of high school. Her biggest inspiration is her mother because she was so kind to others and stressed the importance of accepting people for who they are. Mrs.Reeves said, “She still continues to amaze me with all her support in our lives.” 

She worked in business information systems until Total Petroleum closed down. Mrs. Reeves said, “ I took the advantage and went to teach others what I learned and traveled to train for computer programs.” She worked at Total Petroleum, she worked in payroll. After that, she switched to the database manager, where she taught others to use the program. She also traveled around the United States to teach about the database. 

Reeves went to High school at Ithaca, but did her student teaching here at Saint Louis.  Reeves said, “We were always rivals and even though I was a student-teacher, I fell in love with the community and students.” After she finished college, the teacher she student-taught for retired, so she applied for her position and now she has been teaching here since 2002. Reeves has been here for 18 years and has been the yearbook adviser for 11. Reeves said, “I love being a part of the yearbook; it is one of my favorite classes to teach and is a rewarding class to teach. The students get to produce something that is actually theirs and get to cherish it their whole life.”

Throughout her many years here at Saint Louis, her goal has changed numerous times. Reeves said, “I taught business for several years and then English, and I came back to business and I want kids to know how much I care about them and want to make an impact.” She added that teaching at Saint Louis has taught her to be more open-minded. The reason behind this is because she’s met so many wonderful students throughout the years that she has gotten to understand who they are on a personal level.