A game that’s out of this world fits in the palm of your hand


Ethan Wilson

A student enjoys “Call of Duty,” mobile.

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

There is a game, a game which is relatively new. The game’s name is “Call of Duty Mobile,” and it has come from probably the most popular first-person shooter franchise of all time. This game was recently released Oct. 1, 2019. The game is absolutely free to download, but like most popular mobile apps, it has in-game purchases. The in-game currency is known as “CoD Points” and can be rarely obtained. So for the most part, you need to spend real money. 

As someone who’s played the game himself,  Cole Lombard can enlighten readers on the subject. “I think the game has done so well because it’s a free mobile ‘Call of Duty’ game’.” As you can see, Lombard has played the game quite a lot and he’s already at level 51. Furthermore, Lombard stated, “My favorite thing to do in the game is play with my friends.” 

Another student, William Tuzas, had this to say. “Five of my friends play this game, so it’s quite popular.” This game has made over 100 million American dollars, so obviously some people have bought some things with real money. Tuzas stated, “Yes, I’ve spent $10.00 on this game.”  

Almost everyone has access to this game with it only requiring an Android phone  with 5.1 and up, but for IOS your phone needs to be 9.0 or later. However, the app uses around 2GB of storage. This is a big chunk of storage for most phones.