St. Louis welcomes new AD/dean of students: Bryan Anderson


Ethan Wilson

Bryan Anderson sure looks good in red and black.

Avante Taylor, Staff Writer

St. Louis High School got a new athletic director/dean of students, Bryan Anderson. As a former athlete and coach, Mr. Anderson knows all about sports. Growing up in Alma, Anderson was attached to sports from a very young age. He states, “As early as four years old, my eyes were always glued to the TV watching basketball. I was probably about eight when I memorized the whole Pistons roster.” Then, as a high schooler, he was active in basketball and football. According to Anderson, he played football for two years, and he played basketball for three. 

When Anderson went to college at Taylor University, he played football there for a couple of years. While at Taylor, Anderson double majored in sports management and finance. Then he moved on to work with the Indiana Pacers, a professional basketball team. While with the Pacers, Anderson worked sales for two and a half years. Anderson also volunteered at professional sporting events such as Super Bowls and basketball tournaments. He added, “I worked at the 2015 Duke vs. Michigan State University final four-game, and I also worked at the 2012 Giants vs. Patriots Super Bowl.” 

Anderson stated that in his previous job, “I met with professional athletes all the time. They are just like normal people. One of my favorite athletes was Jim Jackson. I got to know him on a personal level. I also got to joke around with him whenever Ohio State and Michigan played. I also got to know Rick Mahorn. I even took a picture with him and posted it as my profile picture. They don’t like it when you can just see if you can get their autograph; they don’t like to be used.”

Mr. Anderson and new SLHS principal Mr. Huff have known each other for some time now. Mr. Huff was on the coaching staff for the football team when Mr. Anderson was in high school. Also, Mr. Anderson knew Mr. Hemker from another athletic program that he was involved in. According to Mr. Anderson, “He helped with the Alma Police Athletic League. I knew him from the basketball program.”

Mr. Anderson is a cool guy with a lot of great stories. He enjoys the community and the student body. “Mr. Hemker did an incredible job for our program.  I have big shoes to fill; I like to win, and I would like to have our programs to be successful.”