Many students fear that awkward moment in the classroom


Ethan Wilson

Several students laugh at an unfortunate student.

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

Many awkward moments have happened in the classroom, from badly timed farts and phones going off, to student’s chromebooks volume being on. That’s right, the classroom is probably the most stressful social environment next to the bathroom and locker room.

As someone who has experienced these situations himself, Adam Shattuck stated, “In band class, I told a joke to which no one laughed. It was so embarrassing because everyone looked at me like I was crazy.” When asked what he would do if he could redo the situation, Shattuck stated, “Honestly I should have never said it, but I don’t think I wouldn’t say it again another time.”

Another student, Grant Bebow, also shared an embarrassing moment. He said, “This happened when I was in English class, and I said I’d played Red Dead Redemption II, and Mr. Kuhn was asking me questions that I couldn’t answer because I forgot.” 

Bebow continued, “If I could go back, I wouldn’t have raised my hand and I would have pretended I’d never played the game.” 

Dylan Luft shared his awkward moment. ”My friend Alexander Hardy and I were in English class when Alex yelled ‘HEY!’ and everyone looked at us and Mr. Threloff yelled at us. If I could go back, I’d tell Alex to not yell ‘hey’,  but all in all, it was very funny and I laughed. I wish me and Alex didn’t get in trouble, but it was worth it for the funny situation.”