SLHS hosts another successful blood drive


Ethan Wilson

Principal Eric Huff donates blood Oct. 24, at SLHS.

Kaylyn Collins, Staff Writer

Saint Louis High School hosted the first blood drive of the year Oct. 24, 2019, in the gymnasium. It was very successful, and the school was able to collect 106 pints of blood!

Mrs. Dudridge said, “My goal for the blood drive was to collect 78 pints of blood… The blood is collected by an organization called Michigan Blood.  They are able to serve people in the Mid Michigan area and local hospitals. I have been hosting the blood drive since 2011.” 

Dubridge added that she hosts two blood drives each year, one in October and one in February. This year, they had 130 students and staff members sign up to donate. She said, “We get donations from many local businesses, but a few of our most special donors include Main Street, Pizza Hut, Mancinos, Subway, NCG Cinemas, RiverRock, Wal-Mart and very generous cash donations from Bob Bissell’s Trucking” Dubridge added since 2011 they have had 1,218 pints of blood donated. 

Ethan Wilson said, “I’ve donated before so I wasn’t nervous but the other people around me seemed very nervous because it was their first time.  But afterwards, they were talking about how easy it actually was. I wanted to donate blood because I wanted to give people a fighting chance who need blood.” Wilson added that it wasn’t very chaotic, and the people there knew what they were doing.