This freshman really enjoys gaming


Ethan Wilson

Robert Stockero finds ways to get his gaming hours in.

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

Robert Stockero is a student, and like most kids today, he gets home every day and sits in his chair, grabs his controller, and puts on his headset. He then sees what games his friends are playing, and joins the same game. Stockero is a gamer.

He says, “The reason I think gaming is so fun is because all the funny moments you can create with your friends.” Stockero added, “Minecraft is one of my favorite games because it’s fun and you can do anything you want.”  Furthermore, Stockero thinks he is balancing video games and school work fairly well, although he sometimes catches himself playing into the early hours of the morning. According to Stockero, “Altogether, I probably spend 48 hours a week on video games.” Although this is roughly six hours a day, there are many people who play even more.

This may seem like a terrible way of life, but Stockero is always playing games with his friends so he still has the social interaction needed at his age. Stockero even said, “I think gaming is even more fun when your friends are there to enjoy the moments with you.”

He added, “I only play during the school day when given the opportunity to by the teachers.”  

Overall, Stockero is just a person like anybody else, but he enjoys gaming a lot.