Freshman year: the jump from middle to high school


Keegan Honig

Freshman Dominic Gilman has transitioned well by working hard in all his classes.

Kaylyn Collins, Staff Writer

You walk into school on the first day as a freshman, and your high school career has just begun.  Many freshmen take high school as a joke; they think that everything you do doesn’t affect you later in life. First impressions are the most important thing. If you slack off and don’t work or take everything as a joke, people will think you are one of the kids who take the little things for granted. However, the little things like getting to know your teachers or joining a club will truly affect how you look back on your high school career. The freshmen of Saint Louis have a lot to say about this.

 Ashlynn Breen said, “The high school is different than the middle school because in middle school everyone knows each other and in the high school not everybody knows each other. Another way it’s different is that in middle school there weren’t really as many cliques as there is now in high school. We were all pretty much just one big friend group, and now there are so many different groups.” Breen added that the work so far has been easy, but with less time to actually do the work, especially with extracurriculars. Also, high school is definitely not what she thought it would be.

Jacie Burnham said, “Middle school is a lot different than high school because middle school is stricter on a few more things than the high school. Middle school does not have an open campus lunch or does not have the cool teachers like the high school does.” Burnham added that the work so far has been pretty easy because the teachers give you time in class, but if you don’t get it done, then that is on the student. Burnham said, “High school is not what it seemed like it would be. They are more teachers who I can trust and more teachers who interact more with students. Also, we have a lot more freedom in high school than in middle school.” Burnham added that she does three sports a year, is in FFA, and is thinking about joining BPA to keep herself involved in high school.