Which classes are most loved by SLHS students?


Keegan Honig

Mr. Caszatt is a great teacher, and many students have expressed how they enjoy his classes.

Kaylyn Collins, Staff Writer

Saint Louis High School is known for hearing students moan and complain about going to class. Yet for others, they are excited to get back into that one class and get ready to learn. 

Personally, my favorite class would probably be either World History or Geometry. World History is one of my favorites because Mr. Caszatt teaches in a different way to help his students understand the lessons more. Instead of having us memorize the curriculum, he makes the learning fun. Geometry is my other favorite class because I excel in math more than any of the other subjects. Also, I seem to understand the lessons the way Mr. Snoblen teaches. I honestly don’t have a least favorite class because in every class I make connections with my peers and teachers. Some classes may be boring or difficult, but I try my hardest to work up to my teacher’s expectations.

Senior Joslynn Clark said, “My favorite class would have to be Advanced P.E. That class is full of very energetic and fun kids. We are all able to bond and get along with each other.” Clark added that her least favorite class would be English, and it really has never been her favorite subject.  Clark said, “I don’t really like reading unless I am really engaged in the book.” 

Junior Keegan Honig said, “My favorite class is definitely Advanced Biology with Mrs. Dubridge. She’s an amazing teacher, and we take the time to really learn about different topics instead of just memorizing material for a test.” Honig added that it’s his favorite class because students get to talk about what they are learning and ask questions in a very relaxed atmosphere.  Honig said, “She is an incredible teacher, and she makes learning a lot of fun!”

Freshman, Ashlynn Breen said, “ My favorite class is history because Mr. Caszatt makes it fun and less boring. I also like learning about historical events.” Breen added that her least favorite subject is health because there’s homework after homework and barely anytime to work on it all.