Minecraft is making a comeback


Keegan Honig

Skylar Rodriguez searches for Minecraft in the App Store.

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

St. Louis High School students have played a game called Minecraft a lot over the years.

This is a game that came out in 2009, and, while it is still the best-selling video game of all time, it has been dead since 2016. But now it has been resurrected by the players and is destroying Fortnite. Minecraft is the most played game of 2019 so far. One player, Grant Bebow, said, “Minecraft is better than all the other games because there are thousands of things to do, and you can play it for hours with it feeling like minutes.” 

The game just reached its 10-year anniversary earlier this year, and Bebow added, “I think it’s still popular because it’s constantly evolving and there’s an endless amount of possibilities.” What could be improved about the game?  According to Bebow, “I think caves could use some work.”

Logan Antio said “I get on almost every day because it’s fun to play with friends.” He added, “I like to play on online servers because the minigames are fun.” 

The main goal of Minecraft is well, nothing really. While there is a final boss, which is the Ender Dragon, the game has no other stories or goals, but you can also go to the Nether, which is a fictional underworld. There is also a Wither, which is a three-headed demon that shoots fireballs, who is also a boss but is completely optional to fight. So if this game has been popular for 10 years, who’s to say it won’t be popular for 10 more or even stand the test of time? This game is always receiving updates and is endless: there is literally an endless amount of possibilities, which means the game can go on forever.