German LINKS students arrive in St. Louis


Sandy Dubridge

The LINKS students visit the Dow Gardens.

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

St. Louis High School students welcomed several German exchange students who arrived at SLHS Wednesday, Sept. 25, as part of the LINKS program.

Kevin Stedman stated, “The purpose of LINKS is actually in the name itself. LINKS is an acronym: Learning through International Networking for Knowledge and Sharing.” Stedman also added, “Our school joined the program at its inception in 1999.  We have participated in LINKS ever since that point. In the early years, the exchange occurred every year. Once the Spanish Trips began, we alternated every other year.” 

A student in the program, Ethan Wilson said, “It gives the opportunity for people to travel to a whole new country and experience a culture that is not of our own.” Our St. Louis students will also be going to Germany.

Additionally, Stedman added, “We will travel to Germany next June 8-22!  We fly into Hamburg, live with families in and around Boizenburg, and travel to Ludwigslust (county seat), Schwerin (state capitol), Berlin (German capital) and a variety of other places and events as well.  We will be presenting in German classrooms as well regarding American life.”