SLHS students put the “fest”in harvest


Jenna Jewel

Alex Wonsey (left), looks on as a classmate drains cider.

Mackenzie Allbee, Staff Writer

Harvest fest is an opportunity for students from SLHS to volunteer at Carrie Knause, Nikkari, and T.S. Nurnberger to do a variety of things such as painting faces and tractor rides. It’s an opportunity for kids to learn more about agriculture. 

Faith Best said, “The most important thing I hope they learn is that FFA is not all about agriculture. It’s about coming together as a community and helping each other thrive in future career and life paths.”

Best also added, “My favorite part about Harvest Fest is getting to see how excited kids, get and I love to see the great big smiles on their faces.”

FFA officer, Taylor Marr stated, “My reason for doing harvest fest is because I enjoy educating children about agriculture and my favorite part is the sheep shearing. I think they [the students] have the opportunity to learn about FFA and all the agricultural opportunities the organization offers young students.”