JV Sharks handle MLS with ease


Reece Giles (right) poses with older Brother Maverick following his first start as quarterback.

Kaylyn Collins, Staff Writer

Saint Louis, junior varsity football traveled to Michigan Lutheran Seminary Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019, and defeated the Cardinals 40-14. 

Sophomore, Conner Daniels stated, “Iggy Jackson scored about three touchdowns. What I think, personally, is that Michael Baysah had the most tackles. Most of the time we kept our blocks, but there were a few plays that we either didn’t pull or did not block in general.” Daniels added that what he thought the officials called the game fairly.

Sophomore, Rafael Orta-Vazquez said, “Iggy Jackson had the most touchdowns and

Michael Baysah had the most tackles. The lineman did their jobs usually, but they could have done a better job on other plays.” Orta-Vazquez added that he twisted his ankle and Iggy hurt his knee multiple times. 

Kevin Stedman, the coach for Junior Varsity football, said, “Michael Baysah led in sacks and tackles. While Iggy Jackson led the team in rushing and touchdowns and Wizdom Zanquo led the team in receiving.”  Stedman added that the team is coming together even though they battled through some injuries in the game as several young men stepped up to lead them to yet another victory. Furthermore, he congratulated Reece Giles, the quarterback, on playing his best game of the season by throwing excellent passes and making smart decisions. Stedman said, “Things we can work on to improve include: moving with intentionality on both sides of the ball, playing hard on every single play and staying focused for all four quarters of the ball game.  We look forward to the remainder of the season. Hail Sharks!!” 

The Sharks will play again Thursday, October 3, 2019, in St. Charles.