Stedman’s physical science class off to a glowing start!


Ethan Wilson

(left to Right) Josh Voories, Julio Alba, and Tegan Inbody enjoy a lesson about atomic structure.

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

The students in the St. Louis Highschool physical science room are experiencing a new phenomena, which happens when a blacklight hits a certain type of material. 

Mr. Stedman explained that, “When the lights were turned off and the black fluorescent light was turned on, the depression glass began to glow.” He added, “This is a phenomena that students had not seen before.  While they have seen other things that have glowed before, this event is different.” 

Mr. Stedman is hoping for these students to learn more about the reason these dishes glow.  He also stated, “As we learn about atomic structure in physical science, eventually students will be able to explain what caused the glass to glow and understand atomic structure at a deeper level than they have in the past.” 

One of the students in the classroom, Eduardo Ramirez, said, “This was a fun way to learn about atomic structure and the electron orbitals through studying the glowing dishes.” He added, this seems like a great way to represent the way different elements would react to the same energy of the black light. Soon enough these students may know atomic structure like experts.