Saint Louis BPA travels to Nationals!


Andrea Biehl

Saint Louis BPA poses for a photo on a fancy red carpet.

Diamond Neph, Editor

BPA Nationals occurred the weekend of May 3, taking many of our students who placed well in the state competition to California to compete at the next level.

Performing the best overall was Allyse March, who placed in the top ten in the nation for presentation management. Congratulations to March, her hard work and dedication are evident with how well she did in the overall competition.

While in California, the primary focus of the students was to do their best in their respective events, however, some students had a different opinion on what the main event of the weekend was. According to Breck Hodges, “Disneyland was definitely my favorite part. The whole atmosphere of the park was great and the rides were amazing.”

For some, it would appear that the novelty of going to California was worth all the hard work and dedication they put in over the past year. Several students had to work very hard to get to where they are. Even though the pressure was surely high during the competition, many still had an enjoyable time. Lauren Sherwood comments, “BPA was a lot of fun! I loved the warm weather. I didn’t do well but I still had a fun time.”

Hodges was unable to comment further on how he did in the competition overall, stating that scores were not yet made public at the time of this publication.

However, the Shark Scene would like to congratulate those who made it to that level of competition. Their hard work certainly paid off.