Wannabe a Spice Girl?


WilFred Howey

SLHS Spice Girls interact with various ingredients and things.

WilFred Howey, Staff Writer

St. Louis Schools has a new edition to its family of extracurricular programs, and this one is “spicing” things up. Spice Girls is a six-week program for young women who want to learn how to cook or bake and meet new girls their age in a safe environment.

Spice girls have eight young women who meet once a week in the Life Skills room, and it is run by Mrs. March and Mrs. BG. Women are invited who are not really involved in a lot to gain new friendships and learn how to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Mrs. March said, “BG and I love the idea of Spice Girls and truly hope to expand it within the following years. However, the main issues we are dealing with are not having enough space for so many young women and not enough time to do this program multiple times a week. I would say that my favorite thing about Spice Girls is meeting all the young adults and learning more about them that I would have never learned outside of this program.”

Kiersten Stites stated, “I enjoy going to the program because I get to learn how to cook and bake more than I use too.”

All in all, most of the young women in the program enjoy it and hope to be able to join next year. Many others want to join and hope that BG and Mrs. March are able to expand the program next year to more young women.