Cool Math Games mysteriously gets blocked


Keegan Honig

Logan Abell is left disappointed after attempting to go on Cool Math Games.

Keegan Honig, Editor

The long-lasting reign of Cool Math Games as the go-to website for students at St. Louis High School had seemingly met its end earlier this week. The educational website was a favorite of students, with popular games such as Run, Snake, Clicker Heroes, and many more, but it was suddenly blocked and caused a stir in the school. Students noticed the website was blocked upon returning back to school from Spring Break on Monday, and it remained blocked until partly through Tuesday afternoon. Cool Math getting blocked affected the students of SLHS, and many were disappointed that the website was no longer accessible. However, it was short-lived because it only remained blocked on students’ Chromebooks for a day or two.

Cameron Troyer shared, “I, and others, have spent most, if not all, of our free time on Cool Math Games.”

Most students have at least visited the website, while many were regulars. The website has been extremely popular and had managed to stay unblocked for years until this week. Cool Math Games is a game website, however, it does contain many educational games that cause students to use skills like strategy, logic, and math. The website began way back in 1997, and it prides itself in giving kids and adults a fun way to learn math.

The website states, “This is our brain-training site, for everyone, where logic and thinking meet fun and games. These games have no violence, no empty action, just a lot of challenges that will make you forget you’re getting a mental workout!”

Logan Koutz stated, “Cool Math has given me so many learning experiences and has furthered my education immensely, and it was enjoyable at the same time. Cool Math being blocked is like a personal attack to me.”

Many students devoted a lot of time and effort into certain games on Cool Math. One case of this is with SLHS student Cade Pestrue. Pestrue stated, “Cool Math was the only place I could play Run 3. I had lots of progress, and I am very sad.”

Though the website has been beneficial for many, there’s a good chance many students were abusing their freedom by playing on the website when they weren’t supposed to. Many students play games on their Chromebooks when they are supposed to be doing work or even when teachers are trying to give a lesson. This may be a reason why the beloved website was blocked in the first place.

However, not all students have been disrespectful in class while using the website. If students finish all their work, Cool Math Games has been the go-to place for educational fun, and it has kept students from wandering around, distracting others who aren’t done with their own work, and overall displaying inappropriate behavior in the classroom. As long as students are done with their work and are permitted to be on their Chromebooks, websites like Cool Math have occupied bored students who have finished all their work for years.

While Cool Math was still blocked, Owen Downs, an avid supporter of the website, shared, “I’m upset because Cool Math is the only thing keeping me sane.”

Overall, the mysterious blocking of one of the most prominent websites in the school caused a huge stir this week. Many are not sure why the website got blocked or why it became unblocked again, but this event really showed how important Cool Math Games is to students of SLHS. You truly don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.