Will The Upside, be the upside of the year?


Courtesy Photo

Kevin Hart (center) plays the role of Dell in The Upside.

WilFred Howey, Staff Writer

Walking into The Upside, I asked myself three questions: Will there be good chemistry between Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston? How good will the comedy be? How will this film affect me emotionally? The answers to those questions are yes, amazing, and deeply!

To start off, the cast for the film was exceptional. The chemistry between Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston surprised me as the two work phenomenally together. Hart’s embodiment of his character, Dell Scott, in the film was more than adequate. Hart’s ability to be comical and be dramatic on the spot is very impressive, especially mixed with Cranston’s ability to be very serious naturally.

Adding to the cast, the dialogue in the film was spectacular. The scriptwriters definitely knew what they were doing with the overall mood. The Upside definitely had some strong emotional moments throughout the entire movie. During all the emotional and dramatic parts, I felt like I was part of it, and it kept me drawn in.

For instance, when Cranston’s character, Philip, gets paralyzed, all of his employees have to assist him with hiring new help and performing everyday chores such as eating, bathing, getting dressed, driving, etc. This shows that everybody’s lives have to change, and now they are forced to deal with a new obstacle in their everyday life.

Additionally, the comedy in the film was stupendous. There are multiple instances throughout where both Hart and Cranston crack jokes. The jokes that are told in the film are amazing and kept me laughing well after the jokes were uttered.

Furthermore, the cinematography throughout the film was decent. There are several shots in the film that were better than others. Yet, all the shots in the film were well done. Another aspect that added to the cinematography in the film was the transitions from start to finish. The transitions were smooth and kept the film flowing as it should.

On the other hand, there was an issue in the film that included Philip, Dell, and Dell’s son. The issue should have been concluded very differently in my opinion. Also, the love interest in the film was predictable. I could immediately guess what was gonna happen with her. Even though it didn’t exactly follow the path I thought it was going to, it still concluded the way I had predicted.

All in all, The Upside was very enjoyable, and I would gladly go see it again. The film is filled with a great cast, exceptional chemistry, amazing dialogue, remarkable comedy, and decent cinematography. If you want to go see a hard-hitting film that has great chemistry between the main characters, and a film that will make you laugh, this is with no doubt the film for you.