SLHS Art Club 2019 kickoff


Emily Harrier

SLHS students practice their artistic ability.

Emily Harrier, Staff Writer

On Thursday, January 10, there was an informational meeting held in Mr. Puffpaff’s room to start up the 2019 Art Club.

Despite what many think, Art Club is open to students who have not taken an art class before. This helps open up opportunities for SLHS students to express their creativity without having to change classes or drop classes in order to take an art class.

Danielle Luft, a Sophomore, said, “ I think it is cool that Art Club is open to people who haven’t taken an art class. It gives people who want to take other class a chance to improve their art skills or maybe even decide that they like art more than their other classes.”

“Also, I think is a cool idea that they have the meetings during the school day. I feel like more people will be able to come to the meeting because a lot of people have practice after school or things they need to do,” Luft explained.

Art Club will be meeting every Thursday in Mr. Puffpaff’s during lunch. During this time, student’s will be able to work on various projects, such as creating designs that will be painted onto a pair of white Vans’ shoes.

Sophomore Brooke Barrett states, “I think I might join Art Club. I think it is a good opportunity that students at St. Louis should take advantage of.”

Overall, many SLHS students are taking an initiative to join Art Club and explore the many interesting opportunities that they will be part of. There will be another informational meeting next Tuesday, January 24, in the art room for anyone interested in attending.