SLHS exam schedule breakdown!


Diamond Neph

A student struggles to finish their exam.

Diamond Neph, Editor

First semester exams are coming up for all students here at Saint Louis High School. The week of Jan. 14, marks the beginning of a week of exams for the student body. Many students have questions about this process. The actual exam days are Jan. 18 and 21. On those days, the schedule will be altered.


The schedules for the two days will be as follows:

Friday, Jan. 18,

1st-hour review: 8:00-8:52

1st-hour exam: 8:56-9:48

3rd-hour review: 9:58-10:50

3rd-hour exam: 10:54-1145

Lunch: 11:45-12:15

5th-hour review: 12:19-1:10

5th-hour exam: 1:14-2:05

6th-hour review: 2:09-3:00


Monday, Jan. 21,

2nd-hour review: 8:00-8:52

2nd-hour exam: 8:56-9:48

4th-hour review: 9:58-10:50

4th-hour exam: 10:54-1145

Lunch: 11:45-12:15

6th-hour exam: 12:19-1:10

7th-hour review: 1:14-2:05

7th-hour exam: 2:09-3:00


According to the office staff, “You can choose the amount of time you would like for review and the exam. We will not have bells on during exam days.”

Moving on from the mechanics of how the exam days will operate, many students further wonder how much of their grade is dependant on their semester exams. The answer to that question is 10 percent of your overall semester grade. For example, if you currently have a semester grade of 90 percent, and finish the final exam in that class with a 60 percent on the test, your new semester grade would become an 87 percent.

Overall exams are a stressful time for students. Perhaps some perspective has been put into the situation. Exams are important and do require studying and determination, but, they are not 100 percent of a student’s grade. So perhaps students can rest slightly easier with that knowledge.