Season seven of Fortnite!!


WilFred Howey

Aidan Fisher dancing his fortnite favorite dance

WilFred Howey, Staff Writer

Season seven of Fortnite is hot in the frigid month of December! The new season has changed the game so much! New changes to the map, new cosmetics, and vaulted guns are just some of what season seven of Fortnite has to offer. Most Fortnite players were ready for the season seven update to hit Dec. 6, 2018, right after they announced it that night at the Game Awards.

Adding to the update, Epic Games added a new vehicle. The new X-4 Stormwing plane is Fortnite’s first aerial vehicle. It has five seats to seat the standard four-person squad. The Stormwing contains a gun on the front mounted like a turret. Also, when the plane is destroyed or when a player jumps out of it, the player can re-deploy their glider.

This new season they vaulted many items to keep the game in its current likable state. Epic games chose to vault: Double Barrel Shotgun, Clingers, Shadow Stones, Chillers, Shockwave Grenades, and Port-a-Forts.

When the season seven update happened, Epic Games also announced a new game mode called Creative Mode. Creative Mode lets players build their own city, island, world, or game mode.  Basically, you can build anything from the regular game modes including anything in the map, or you can make a new set of buildings and creations.

Epic Games also added a thing called Wraps. Wraps are a new cosmetic like a skin or “wrapping paper” for your vehicles and weapons. They allow your vehicle or weapon to be different colors or patterns than they would usually be.

A big part of the update this season was a new snow biome. Epic Games has added a new snow biome to replace a couple of older locations on the map with newer ones. This is the first time an update to the map has actually increased the maps size. The snow biome is in the lower south-southwest part of the map.  New location names include: Happy Hamlet, Polar Peak, Frosty Flights, and Iceberg.

“In my opinion, the new season is a considerable upgrade from the previous seasons. With the new map changes, the gameplay is overall way better. However, I am really upset that they vaulted Shockwave Grenades. Shockwaves were really useful in helping to disengage from fights and escape ambushes from enemies. Also, with Epic Games adding the new plane, the mobility in the game is way easier. Yet, players usually target a plane almost immediately,” Mason Carter explained.

I honestly think this season surpasses all the previous seasons, especially because of the new map changes. Epic Games adding the map changes, honestly made the game a lot better because the old drop locations were becoming dull and repetitive. However, by them adding a new biome and also increasing the island size, it has made the game more enjoyable and made it feel fresh with new ideas, like Creative Mode. Creative Mode is the best thing Epic Games could have added to the game for those certain people who would like to show their imaginative ideas to the Fortnite community, like new buildings Epic Games should add to the map or new game modes Fortnite should try out. Adding to that concept, Epic Games had the right mindset when they vaulted the weapons they did. With those weapons vaulted it will make the combat a lot more competitive in building aspects,” Aidan Fisher added.

With every new season that comes out, it seems as if Epic Games is unstoppable. Yet, a couple questions still remain. How long can Epic Games keep this up? How big will Fortnite get? Is Fortnite’s downfall imminent or will it surpass many games for years?