Can Bumblebee transform the franchise?


WilFred Howey

Student attempts to draw the famous car robot.

WilFred Howey, Staff Writer

Bumblebee is a Science Fiction/Adventure about an Autobot named B-127, Bee. Chased out of his home planet during the war between the Autobot rebellion and the Decepticons, Bee takes refugee as a yellow Volkswagen Beetle in a junkyard in California. He is and taken home to be repaired by Charlie, who is played by Hailee Steinfeld. Soon after getting the VW bug, Charlie realizes that the vehicle isn’t just a car, but a robot alien in disguise. Together, Charlie and Bee fight against Decepticons who plan to kill Bee and the whole world.

As an adventure film, it did pretty well. First off, the film does great introducing its characters. The film shows where all the characters are and how they get there.

In addition, the Sci-Fi aspect of the film was decent as well. The film built the suspense that the Autobots could be caught by the government or the Decepticons at any second. The Sci-Fi aspect also brought some action which helped the film. The action scenes, most made by computer-generated imagery, were Terrific.

Additionally, the film has a great soundtrack to go with the emotions the characters feel. The actors themselves were very talented at portraying their characters and how they show emotion in different ways. Hailee Steinfeld was amazing at becoming her character and fully committing 100%. Her character is both an outsider from society and an outsider from her own family, so she really doesn’t have a place to fit in, which shows throughout the movie. John Cena was fairly good at his character. Yet, it isn’t anything his audience hasn’t seen come from him. Cena plays agent Burns, a government agent that is furious at both Autobots and Decepticons for killing his unit and wants revenge.

Izaak Warden stated, “In my opinion, Bumblebee was a good movie. Yet, a few changes to the movie would have made it better. If the movie focused a little bit more on the main characters backstories and made some of the moments in the movie more logical and realistic, it would have made Bumblebee a very well-made movie. I also believe that the movie should have a sequel to learn more about the characters, where their characters are headed, and to learn why the Autobots are rebelling against the Decepticons.”

All in all, Bumblebee is a well-made film for the Transformers franchise to try to reboot and reshape what it once was. The film is filled with a great cast, good heart-felt emotions, well-done C.G.I and action, and pretty good Sci-Fi. For viewers who want an action movie with feeling, or just want to see the new version of Transformers, this is a good choice.