Silent Auction isn’t silent


WilFred Howey

Student writes their bid on the item offered by the teacher.

WilFred Howey, Staff Writer

This year St. Louis High School is holding their second annual silent auction from Dec. 10, 2018, to Dec. 17, 2018, at the beginning of lunch. National Honor Society is putting on this event to earn money for Relay for Life. Relay for Life is a community-based fundraising event. The money raised is for the American Cancer Association to help find a treatment and or even a cure for cancer.

According to Mrs. Dubridge, “NHS votes on an organization to donate money to each year.  This year the members voted to contribute to Relay for Life. We have a Relay for Life team and work to raise funds all year.  All of the money we raise goes to cancer research and supporting survivor’s benefits in our local community. Since the students voted for it, I think they are proud to support such a great cause. We came up with the silent auction idea last year and it worked out well, so we decided to try it again this year.  We have some fun new items this year and hope people can find something they are interested in!”

Many NHS members are excited about this fundraiser. Juliana Findley also stated, “In my opinion, with the silent auction being as successful as it was last year, that is why NHS chose to do it again. I think other NHS members enjoy giving back to their community, and this fundraiser helps to do so more than most other events we have done in the past.”

All in all, students should help support Relay for Life by bidding on some items. Cancer affects everyone in some sort of way, and everyone should try to help out and do their part against the fight for cancer. If this year is as successful as last years, the NHS will probably do it again.