The legacy lives on: Creed II


WilFred Howey

Two SLHS students prepare to practice boxing, inspired by Creed II.

WilFred Howey, Staff Writer

As a huge Rocky fan, I am always excited to see a new movie in the franchize come out. When Creed hit, I was exhilarated. It ended up being a great movie. I didn’t realize until recently, I felt the need for a sequel. Luckily, Creed II of a great cast, great action, really good dialogue, and above all, amazing emotions.
   To start, the cast for the movie was exceptional. Michael B. Jordan’s (Adonis Creed/Johnson) performance was really good. As the main character, he needed to take the lead, and he definitely did. Tessa Thompson (Adonis’s wife Bianca) was terrific as well. With a baby on the way and their relationship struggling, she has to show she can power through it for love. The conflict helps develop her character.
   Additionally, the action in Creed II is really entertaining. When the action sequences are happening, the movie draws you in. Kiersten Stites said, “I saw the trailer and it looks great. I loved the first Creed so much that when I saw the trailer for Creed II, I was so excited. The fights in the first Creed were really amazing and always left me on the edge of my seat. I hope that when the fights happen in Creed II they will be just as good if not better.” Every time a fight took place in the movie, I immediately became engrossed with it until it was over. Furthermore, the training montages were well put together. They show everything Adonis does different after the first fight to get ready for the second fight.
   In addition, the dialogue in Creed II is captivating. The screenwriter wrote terrific scenes between characters, which draw the audience in. In this sequel, Adonis Creed/Johnson has to fight Viktor Drago. Viktor Drago is Ivan Drago’s son, the man who killed Adonis’s dad Apollo in Rocky IV. As many would guess, emotion is a big factor in this movie.
   Above all, the emotion in the movie is amazing and couldn’t be any better. The whole movie is full of emotion from start to finish. Stites also said, “It looks like it will have a lot more emotion than the first movie since this movie will hit closer to Adonis’s heart. With a baby on the way, that will just increase the emotion Michael B. Jordan has to show through the movie.” When Adonis gets news about Drago wanting to fight him, he wants to accept the fight since his dad was killed by Drago’s father and also wants to win, unlike his father. Yet, Rocky doesn’t want Adonis to fight Drago because he doesn’t want Adonis to end up like his father who died in Rocky’s arms.
   All in all, Creed II has all the aspects that make it a great movie. The emotions were tense and fulfilling, the dialogue had great scenes and conversation, the fighting scenes were jam-packed, and the cast was well-developed. This movie is one of the best of this year. If you are a Rocky fan or liked the first Creed movie, this is definitely for you.