St. Louis volleyball ends terrific season as district runners-up


Keegan Honig

Senior Tara Goodell waves at the crowd before the championship match-up.

Keegan Honig, Editor

St. Louis varsity volleyball is done for the year after losing to Beaverton in the District Championships . The Sharks dominated Farwell in three sets in their first district matchup Monday, Oct. 29. The first set began with two kills from Tara Goodell and an ace from Rylyn Hrabal, and the momentum never slowed from that point on. The Sharks won the first set 25-12, the second set 25-13, and the third set, not even close in score, 25-8.

Megan Greenup took command on Monday night with an enormous 24 assists, six digs, five kills, and one ace. Allyssa Roberson had three aces, five kills, five digs, and one assist, while Aubrey Sherwood added six kills, four digs, and two assists. Maddie Greenup had eight digs, three aces, and four assists for the Sharks, while Rylyn Hrabal had five digs, four aces, and three kills. Finally, Tara Goodell added eight kills and three digs.

St. Louis completely dominated the Eagles to move on to face Pinconning in the semi-finals. The Sharks again showed up to win, beating the Spartans in four sets. The first set was a very close game, but the Sharks were able to squeak by with a score of 27-25. St. Louis won the next set 25-18, but lost the third in another close game 24-26. However, St. Louis won the fourth 25-21 to secure a spot in the district final.

Megan Greenup led the Sharks with 37 assists, 31 digs, and 9 kills. Allyssa Roberson had 22 digs, 13 kills, 3 assist, and two aces, while Aubrey Sherwood added 14 digs, 10 kills, and one assist. Rylyn Hrabal had 29 digs and two assists, and Tara Goodell added 13 kills and two digs. Korah Honig also helped with five kills, five digs, two assists, and two blocks.

The Sharks matched up against Beaverton Thursday, Nov. 1 for the district final, and it was a hard-fought battle. The first set was back-and-forth with the Beavers just barely pulling out a win 26-24. St. Louis lost momentum the next set and lost 25-20. The Sharks were determined to not go down without a fight, but they sadly lost the third set 25-13 to be crowned district runners-up. It was a battle the entire night, but Beaverton came out on top.

Megan Greenup led the Sharks with 21 assists, 17 digs, five kills and one block. Tara Goodell had 10 kills, three digs, and one block, while Allyssa Roberson had 18 digs, seven kills, one ace, and one assist. Aubrey Sherwood helped with 10 digs, two kills, two assists, and two aces, while Rylyn Hrabal had 15 digs and two kills on the night.

Freshman Korah Honig stated, “Districts were really fun. We fought so hard in every postseason game. Even though we fell a little bit short to Beaverton, we still left everything out on the court that night of the semi-finals. I can look back and not regret anything because we did everything the best we could, and I hope the seniors feel the same way. They all played so well this season, and I’ll be very sad to not be on the court with them next year.”

This marks the end of the seniors’ high school career, but they have made a lasting impact. They led the varsity team all year and won a conference title! Tara Goodell shared, “Throughout the week of districts, we had to up our playing level each day. The three teams we faced got harder each day. Even though we lost, we made it to the finals and had so much support from everyone, and that made that week so great.”


Season Leaders:

Assists: Megan Greenup, 865

Digs: Maddie Greenup, 451

Kills: Tara Goodell, 246

Aces: Allyssa Roberson, 77

Blocks: Korah Honig, 47