National Honor Society Holds Annual Silent Auction



After buying it in the Silent Auction, junior Curtis Brashaw looks over his new locker

Jaiden Dickman, Staff Writer

Saint Louis National Honor Society held its annual silent auction to end the school year. All bidding concluded June 1, 2023. This was an opportunity for students to bid on items and raise money for a non-profit organization and this year the NHS chose to donate the money to Child Advocacy. 

Each year teachers offer different items for the auction. This year items ranged from extra credit in classes to Mr. Maxwell’s famous mac and cheese. Another annual item is senior lockers. Every year there are ten senior lockers up for bidding. This is a way for seniors to guarantee a locker in the senior hallway. 

This year in total the NHS brought in over $600 to go toward the Child Advocacy Organization. Child Advocacy is an organization that promotes and supports children’s rights. 

Newly elected NHS President Curtis Brashaw said, “I’m very happy with how the auction went this year. I think it is a great way for students to raise money for an important cause while still benefiting. I am very grateful for our teachers who provided awesome items for students to bid on.” 

Silent Auction Committee member Rowan Harris said, “ I think it is helpful to have this auction because it raises awareness of the cause and shows that we are a group that is trying to make changes in the community for the better.” 

Junior Olivia Good said,  “I won a senior locker and an extra credit point for a DOL quiz in Honors English. I really like that all the money was being donated to a good cause of Child Advocacy, plus it was fun to have a little bit of competition with the bids.” 

Bidding ended during health break on the first day of June, and all bidding took place in the library. Swarms of students were found in the library outbidding on each item. The students are looking forward to receiving all of their auction items and are excited to see what next year’s auction brings.