New Rotary Interact Club at SLHS


Courtesy Photo

Rotary club founder Curtis Brashaw stands with Ms. B.G. and seniors Laney Pestrue and Payton Kuhn

Jaiden Dickman, Staff Writer

Saint Louis High School is currently building a new chapter of Rotary Interact, which  is a branch off of the international service organization Rotary that does community and global service projects. Rotary has helped eliminate polio, provide clean water, and help expand education throughout the world. 

As an interact club, the members will take part in different service projects throughout the year like fundraisers, food drives, and help for the elderly starting this summer or fall.

Club leader Curtis Brashaw said, “At St. Louis, we have so many charitable and service-oriented students, but not many service organizations and events to participate in. I wanted to bridge the gap between the leaders and service providers in our community and students at St. Louis High School.” 

At the first official meeting, Brashaw nominated members of the club to be officers. Brashaw, as the founder of rotary interact at SLHS and a student who attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards last year, was nominated as president. Jaiden Dickman, Ben March, Natalee Hoyt, and Mckenzie Smith will be serving as vice president, treasurer, secretary, and social media coordinator respectively. 

  Brashaw also stated, “Hopefully, through service in our community, we can provide opportunities to students and members of our community by working together to create a better community and world”

Rotary Interact member, Natalie Lemert said, “I am excited to be a part of something new at Saint Louis, and I hope that it will bring not only our school community but the whole community together and help those who need it.” 

Rotary Interact is hoping to positively impact the community and school and is trying to get as many new members as possible.