St. Louis Band Performs at Loons Game



Louie the Loon schools junior drummer Noah Buchanan

Rowan Harris, Staff Writer

The St. Louis High School marching band performed the national anthem for an excited crowd at Dow Diamond Sunday, May 21, 2023. Not only did the band perform the National Anthem on the field, but they also performed a selection of songs and marching cadences outside of the stadium before the game.

Well, what’s next for the band? The band ends their official marching season after the last home football game in the fall, and quickly moves into concert band. However, after the POPS! Concert in May, the band quickly moves back into marching mode. While this move usually starts with a performance in the Memorial Day parade, this year it started with the concert at the Loons Game.

“I wasn’t sure what to think,” stated junior Noah Buchannan, a member of the drumline. “When we got there, though, it was just amazing.”

“Walking out onto the field was an unreal experience,” shared another junior, Olivia Good. Good is also a member of the drumline. “It was insanely unique, and it was definitely a privilege to play there.”

The band arrived at the field at 11 A.M. ready to play. After unloading all their instruments, they circled up to play a mini concert consisting of drum cadences, the St. Louis fight song, and iconic pop songs for the crowd outside of the game.

When it was almost time for the band to play the national anthem, though, mascot Louie the Loon surprisingly intervened. Louie high fived members of the band before taking Buchanan’s drumsticks. Louie then proceeded to lay down rhythms. 

“I just went in for a high five,” laughed Buchanan. “And then it turned into…all that.” 

Good, who was viewing this spectacle, remarked, “I was absolutely flabbergasted. I just looked over and saw that, and my jaw was on the floor.”