SLHS Seniors’ Last Day Approaches



Senior Valedictorian and Salutatorian Jenna Abell and Laney Pestrue meet to celebrate the end of their high school careers

Bee Elsea, Staff Writer

The end of May is rolling around quickly, and that means good and bad news. First, exams are beginning to come around. Second, seniors are about to leave. May 19 marks the last day St. Louis High School seniors will attend school – the Moving Up Assembly being the event of the day to bid the seniors adieu. This is always an emotional moment for almost every student at SLHS, including staff members and parents. 

The week of May 15, 2023, is quite the interesting week as seniors start to turn in their books and computers, and even begin their exams. Once Friday hits, it’s all over. The seniors will leave and never return to a class for a grade again as the official last day rolls around. These seniors have mixed feelings, some are even happy to leave, and yet some of them are truly ready to leave. 

“I’m excited for Friday, to be honest,” Sarah Corson said, “it’s a new chapter beginning for us all, and I’m excited to go out into the world and do my own things, get a job, work on my own personal life without spending seven hours of my day going to school. I’ll miss it, but I’ve accepted it’s time to move on.”

Some students agree with Corson, and they are ready to leave the school as soon as they are excused. Although the other half of the Class of ‘23 disagree with Corson, and are quite emotional about the situation. 

“Watching my brother graduate last year was hard enough, now having to do it myself is even scarier. I’m pretty emotional about the situation. I’m excited to not have to wake up every morning for school at eight, but I’ll miss being able to be with my friends and teachers,” Kiersten Wenzlick said. These seniors will be missed, as the seniors before them and so-on are, and it may be sad to see them go. As their last day hits May 19, they will begin to move on with their lives and leave their mark on SLHS. Graduation day is May 25, at 7 p.m. in the SLHS gymnasium.