United States National Guard Makes an Appearance at St. Louis High School


Autumn Mann

Laythan Haworth captured jumping over a part of the obstacle course that was set up by the National Guard.

Rowan Harris, Staff Writer

The United States National Guard arrived at St. Louis High School Wednesday, May 3, to allow students to have a fun and informative physical education experience with the National Guard.

The Guard usually comes yearly, and speaks to different students about opportunities provided by the National Guard. Earlier in the year, the Guard had students participate in different activities, such as challenges and intense workouts.

This time, though, the Guard brought an inflatable obstacle course for the students to enjoy!

“Today, we are here to give the students a sort of break from their typical gym classes,” stated National Guardsman Cliff Coston. “I’ve been here previously, and we’ve done a lot of harder workouts, but this is more of a break.”

Students and teachers alike really enjoyed the obstacle course!

“I very much appreciate what the National Guard did for my students this year,” said P.E. teacher Andrew Wawersik. “It really looked like they all had a blast on the course.”

While the National Guard did bring the course for students to enjoy, and it served as a reprieve from regular P.E. tasks, there were also other reasons for the visit. The National Guard often visits schools as a method of outreach for high school students interested in a career in the United States military. 

“It’s not just a method of outreach,” shared Coston. “It is also just a way for them to enjoy the day after a lot of stress and hard work.” Coston elaborated with his statement, further added, “We do definitely use it as a way to connect and bond with students, and as a way to really educate them further about what the National Guard is all about.”

Students, staff, and the National Guard appeared to enjoy the day, and also appear to look forward to the next visit.

“I really hope they’re able to come back next year,” stated Wawersik. “They were able to provide some really great experiences for my students this year.”