SLHS Art classes take multiple projects!


Autumn Mann

Mr. PuffPaff and Jenna Abell discuss two of Abell’s clay projects.

Maria Puga-Trevino, Writer

The St. Louis  art program has been around for as long as anyone can remember and many creations have been made that have left wondrous marks on the city. Every year St. Louis High School paints banners to accessorize the streets of St. Louis. In addition to the banners, art classes also enjoy working with clay.

Carson Butcher, a junior at St. Louis high school shared, “I made a clay bowl that I’m really proud of and it took me forever to decorate it!”

Sarah Corson, a student at St. Louis high school,“Well there’s two ways of making dishes. There’s the coil method where you later coil then smooth them out or there’s a slip cast where you dump slip into a mold. It was different timing for everyone because each clay project dries differently which determines what you can do with the project. I made a lot of different kinds of things. I made a lot of creatures, a few mugs, and a lot of just other little projects. I am very happy with what I made. We also use glaze to paint the projects.”

Helena Stadlberger, a senior shared, “I really enjoyed creating many different things in class this year! Aside from the paintings and other art works, the class worked on making dishes out of clay. This year we made bowls and vases and it was pretty fun to say the least!”

Miranda  Strong, a fellow senior said, “I also agree with Helena. I enjoyed working on many different projects this year including making the dishes out of clay.”