Senior Mock Elections results are in!


Autumn Mann

Tyson Head(left) and Cole Lombard(right) celebrate getting Best Bromance!

Autumn Mann, Staff Editor

As the year starts to slowly come to an end, so does SLHS seniors’ last days and the countdown has been. With the year ending, seniors are leaving, and everyone takes a moment to reminisce on the past and think about those in their grade. The end of the year means the yearbook will be sold and with that comes a mock election regarding the class of 2023. 

How does voting for mock elections even work? Well, senior Sharks were sent a google forum where they had to pick people from their class who fit into the best categories. This resulted in numerous candidates winning their rightful titles and will be displayed in the back of the yearbook. 

Here are the results of the 2023 class mock elections: For “Class Mom and Dad,” are Danielle Thelen and Grant Bebow. Bebow expressed, “I feel quite good about getting class dad, I wasn’t expecting it, but it makes sense. I think that I was voted in because of my style and the vibe I give off especially during the warmer months.”

Every class has a student or two who are always looking to please their teachers. Well for this year’s seniors their “Teachers’ Pets” are Marlena Pestrue and Dylan Luft.

With a class full of many personalities, it was hard to make the whole class laugh, but somehow these students were able to make the whole class crack up. These “Class Clowns” are Jasmzin Harbor and Tyson Head. Harbor commented, “I thought it was funny. Growing up with my class, I love making other people laugh especially when they are having a rough day. I also love to laugh in general. So whenever I can tell jokes to my friends and maybe even teachers, it really makes my day.” 

Now for the party animals of the senior class: “Life of the party” goes to Alianna Vera-Carrillo and Wisdom Zanquo. Vera-Carrillo feels honored to know that her class enjoys being around her. 

For the ones’ who lack a sense of time. Those who are “always late” Alex Hardy aka Tardy and Ashlynn Kato earned their spots by never showing up…on time. 

The seniors who won this election and possibly the future presidential election are Marlena Pestrue and William Tuzas as “Future Presidents” and “Future Millionaires.” 

The two seniors with the flashing smiles, charming personalities, and a flair for the dramatic worked their way up to “Class Flirt” and “Drama King and Queen” Tyson Head and Phoenix Shaw. 

Now for the die hard friends, the three musketeers. The class “Besties for the Resties” are Jenna Abell, Payton Kuhn, and Laney Pestrue. The two friends everyone wishes they could be, “Best Bromance” goes to Tyson Head and Cole Lombard. Head expressed, “I feel really proud to have gotten the best bromance as that one I wanted to get the most. My goal was to get as many mock elections as possible, and I think I succeeded.” 

The two students who show up with the best fits, the “Best Dressed” goes to Izzy Hrabal and Zachery Smith.

When it comes to sports, these two are always standing out and are always up to the challenge. “Most Athletic” and “Most Competitive” goes to Payton Kuhn and Thomas Zacharko. 

For the top two students, who shouldn’t have been trusted behind the wheel, “Worst Drivers” are Jacie Burnham and Ethan Shattuck. 

Throughout these past four years, these students showed up for almost every game, every assembly, and any chance to show off their Shark pride. Dylan Luft and Payton Kuhn earned their title as the “Most School Spirited.” 

The ones who are going to leave and never look back are Mia Lawhorne and Michael Hart. They were elected as the students who are “the Never Coming Back.”

These students have the most dashing smiles, and “Best Smile” goes to Izzy Hrabal and Wisdom Zanquo. 

When it comes to bringing someone home, these students are the ideal ones. “Best to Bring Home to Mom” goes to Marlena Pestrue and Zachery Smith. 

When reflecting on this certain grade, compared from freshmen year to senior year, some people have extremely changed and some haven’t that much. The “Most Changed Since Freshmen Year” goes to Lydia Abbott and Grant Bebow. The “Least Changed since Freshmen Year” goes to Ashlynn Breen and Ethan Shattuck. 

The wedding bells are ringing, and “The Most Likely to Marry First” goes to Jenna Abell and Zachery Smith. 

Now, the seniors’ last year is coming to an end. With that being said, some tears are being shed and mental breakdowns are on rise. The “Worst Case of Senioritis” goes to Alyssa Bielaga, Ashton Leonard, and Tegan Inbody.

The last and final election was the most exciting yet surprising. “The Couple that Should’ve Been.” went to Tyson Head and Marlena Pestrue.