St. Louis High School Winners of the Young Optimist Award


Courtesy Photo

Dillon Downs(Left), Ash Conn, and Laythan Haworth(Right) poses with their awards from the Youth Optimist banquet. 

Rowan Harris, Staff Writer

St. Louis High School students Ash Conn, Carson Butcher, Laythan Haworth, and Dillon Downs enjoyed a banquet for winning the Young Optimist award at Masonic Home at 6 P.M., Thursday, April 20. These four were awarded these titles by staff at St. Louis, who decided that the four represented the peak of optimism amongst high school students.

“At first, I thought it was a scam,” stated Carson Butcher, recipient of the Junior Young Optimist award. “But then Mrs. Sura contacted me and told me it was legit, and I was like, ‘Oh. This is real.’”

Senior Ash Conn also shared that the award was new to her as well. “I was surprised to win it! I had never heard of the award before,” shared Conn. “I’m glad I did, though.”

The optimists attended a banquet for their win, and Conn shared how she felt.

“The banquet was beautiful,” said the senior. “It was really amazing to see a whole community of people supporting young optimists. Everyone was so kind and it was a great experience.”

Butcher also shared his thoughts regarding the banquet. “I was unsure, and a little bored at first,” stated Butcher. “But after we got into it, it was really fun. I loved the desserts.”

However, for such an interesting and personal award, the trio weren’t sure if they were the right people to win it!

“I don’t know what criteria determines a young optimist,” joked Butcher. “But I got the letter in the mail and thought, ‘Am I really the right person for this?” Butcher then shared that after the banquet, he did feel that the award was justly given.

Conn shared no such doubt, however. “I always try to remain a positive person, even through difficult situations,” elaborated Conn. “So I honestly wasn’t too surprised to win this award.”