St. Louis Boys Golf starts off its’ season with the best score of 77!


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This year’s SLHS Varsity Golf Team first match of the season kicked off April 18, at Valley View Golf Course.

Rowan Harris, Staff Writer

The St. Louis Boys’ Golf team competed in its first match of the season Tuesday, April 18, at Valley View Golf Course. The team ended the night with the best score of 77, scored by Dylan Marr and Nick Wirgau.

The Sharks, coached by David Biehl, had been working hard throughout the pre-season to get to their first match. Several senior golfers have been putting in the effort for their last season of their high school careers, including Dylan Marr.

“With this being my senior year, I need to make it the best I can,” shared Marr. “I am really making a big push for regionals, and then hopefully state.”

This season isn’t just defined by older golfers, but is also important to younger and newer golfers. Although freshman Harley Mader didn’t golf at the recent match, the impacts of the match and the successes by upperclassmen still make the team motivated to play.

“I mean, I look up to them a little,” said freshman golfer Harley Mader. “Actually, I look up to them a lot. But I wouldn’t say that to them.”

However, Marr commented that he could have done better at the match, despite what younger teammates may think.

“We didn’t really do good at that match,” remarked Marr. “Both as a team and individually, we have a lot to work on.”

While the team has a lot of goals to work on, that doesn’t discredit their bond and their willingness to work together.

“We will definitely get a lot closer to each other. I think we’re pretty close right now, but as the season goes on, we are going to really strengthen our bond as a team,” said Mader.

“As a team, we are still mostly new to each other,” shared Marr. “As the season progresses, so will the bond that us teammates have.”