St. Louis Baseball is off to a rocky start!


Autumn Man

Bentley Inbody captured mid-pitch at a home game.

Rowan Harris, Staff Writer

The St. Louis High School baseball team has officially swung back into action, having started its season with a game against Webberville Monday, April 10. The team, which has since played four games, is off to a rocky start, with no wins so far. Despite this, the team, coached by Hunter Frisbie, has been hard at work all spring long.

The players have been contributing a lot to the work ethic of the team this season. The baseball team has a large number of senior boys, and these players believe that their grade bond has really led to a drive to perform well at every game.

“I want to work with this team, and really make it something I can be proud of,” shared senior Dylan Luft. Luft has been trying to maximize his achievements this season, as it is both his first and his last. “I really want to have fun and hang out with my teammates this season. It’s my only opportunity to really play on this team, and I want to make it my best.”

The bond shared by the players on the team is something that motivates them to perform their best at every game. Bryce Francisco, a fellow senior and baseball player, remarked how close the team is.

“As a team, everybody is pretty close with each other,” Francisco stated. This closeness isn’t the only thing that contributes to the team’s winning attitude, however. The personal goals players set for themselves allow them to have something to work for during the season. 

“One of my goals for this year is definitely being more aggressive when it comes to the batter’s box,” shared Francisco regarding his goal for his last season on the baseball team. “I also want to hit the ball out really far at least once during the season. That would really make my last year on the team pop.”

“I want to really work with the team, that’s one of my goals,” stated Luft. “I would really like to just have fun with the boys and maybe win a few games!”