Chaotic weather strikes St. Louis High School.. again..


Autumn Mann

A field close to the Pine River was hit by the flood due to the crazy weather.

Rowan Harris, Staff Writer

The citizens of St. Louis have made quite a few life adjustments the week of April 3, 2023, due to the seemingly endless downpour. Ever since April 3, the weather has been quite gloomy and even stormy over the town of St. Louis. In fact, a tornado warning was issued for many areas of Michigan, including St. Louis, Wednesday, April 5.

This uproar of storms and overall gloomy weather has been occurring all throughout the midwest with severe weather watches all over Michigan and surrounding states. While most of the severe weather has taken place to the south of Michigan, affecting areas like Iowa and Illinois, thunderstorms and heavy rain have been particularly battering Gratiot County.

A tornado watch was even issued, which led to the concern of both students and teachers at St. Louis High School.

“Even though it never hit us, there was still a possibility of it,” shared junior Devante Nava. “And that was pretty scary. I was a bit worried about our school closing in the morning, but it didn’t. I think that’s a pretty good sign regarding the weather.”

However, some students weren’t exactly concerned about a theoretical tornado. Junior Ben March explained his lack of enthusiasm for this tornado warning. “It didn’t cancel practice though, so that was pretty lame,” March joked.

All of this rain has led to problems aside from possible tornadoes, though. For example, flooding has become a problem for many people, as it results in changes to scheduled events and forces drivers to seek alternative routes to roads that have been covered in floodwater.

“There are two main routes that I usually take to school,” explained driver Curtis Brashaw. “One of them is a dirt road and one of them is paved, but I usually take the dirt road because it’s much quicker. All this rain, though, has made that dirt road all slick. It’s like it’s impossible to drive.”

With all of the weather concerns, St. Louis students are anxious to see what the coming days hold. Luckily, the weather forecast seems to be sunny, which will hopefully lead the flooded river to lower a bit.