Coach Hanline is back and ready to create an awesome JV softball team!


Natalie Lemert

This image captures Mrs. Hanline; the new JV softball coach.

Natalie Lemert, Staff Writer

Mrs. Hanline is back in action as she is coaching the junior varsity softball team this 2023 season.

Mrs. Hanline has coached for Saint Louis before. She coached for 30 years, 21 years as the JV coach and nine years as the varsity coach. Hanline shared, “I retired because I lived too far away but now that I’m working full time at the school I thought it was a good idea to get involved again. I don’t want to see the program decline. I care very much for this program and love Saint Louis. In order to have a good varsity team, you need a successful JV team.”

Hanline is excited to be coaching again. Hanline explained, “Yes I’m very excited to be coaching JV. It’s the age I like to coach the most because I have the opportunity to teach the girls the game and that’s my favorite part.”

There are a total of 14 girls on the team this season. Hanline shared, “The team is very inexperienced, but we’ll work hard to learn the game and be successful this season.”

New JV member Aeralyn Leonard shared, “She is an organized coach and also very fun. She makes things simple and doesn’t overcomplicate things. Practice is organized so we don’t get confused and we learn the game.” 

Varsity member Hallie Hoyt commented, “I think that she will be a great coach for girls who don’t have experience and she’ll be able to coach them up.”

Freshman Scottlyn Francisco expressed, “Mrs. Hanline has already taught me so much, and I’m excited to see how much fun this year is going to be. I have played softball since T-ball, and I think Mrs. Hanline is a pretty good coach.”