SLHS Spring bands performed a show for the community


Autumn Mann

SLHS band put on a performance for the student body.

Rowan Harris, Staff Writer

The St. Louis’ music department was hard at work at St. Louis High School throughout the week of March 13-17. All of the bands were working hard to get ready for concerts and festivals throughout the winter season. The result of this hard work is the many concerts and festivals that the bands put on!

The concert, jazz, and steel bands put on a show Thursday, March 16, in the high school gymnasium. The bands played some songs from their concert later that evening, including “Imaginarium” performed by the concert band and “Today” by the Smashing Pumpkins, performed by the class steel band. 

“I was so nervous playing first at the assembly,” commented junior Olivia Good. Good was one of the first students to perform, being in the percussion solo and ensemble group. Even though the group was the first to perform, Good remarked that it helped soothe her nerves for the concert later that evening. “I was more confident about it after the assembly,” she added.

That night, the bands gathered to perform more of their songs for a fuller audience at 7 in the gymnasium. The evening started with the percussion solo and ensemble group playing their song, “Dark Sky Jam” for the crowd. Next, the concert band played three songs, then was followed by the class and extracurricular steel bands who played two songs each.

“I was so excited to play ‘Live and Let Die’ because I like the way it sounds and it’s a fun song to play,” shared senior Dylan Luft, a member of the after school steel band. The steel bands played many hits, and many spectators commented how much they enjoyed the songs.

The evening then wrapped up with the jazz band’s performances, featuring many soloists throughout the three songs. The jazz band didn’t finish their musical activities there, though. The jazz band attended the Alma College Jazz Festival the succeeding day, Friday, March 17. The band was able to perform, and attend many other performances by other schools as well.

“It was a really informative experience,” stated freshman Trinity Bergey, a trumpet player in the jazz band. “It was nice to see what the other trumpet players were doing.”

The music department at St. Louis High School has been hard at work, but now they will lay back and rehearse new music until their next concerts further in the spring.