St. Louis Girls basketball 2022-2023 season concludes


Autumn Mann

Girls’ varsity basketball captured showing their respect during the National Anthem.

Natalie Lemert, Staff Writer

The Sharks girls basketball season came to a close last week, March 1 when they lost their first district game to Sanford Meridian.

The girls had a very impressive season with an overall record of 13-10.  They faced many challenging teams and performed well. The Sharks picked up nine more wins than last year and some new records were set this season as well. Senior Jaszmin Harbor shared, “My favorite game of the season was the game against SASA (Saginaw Arts and Science Academy) because I feel like that game was the best defense we ever played.” 

The lady Sharks put in many long hours of practice to get better. They had three hour practices everyday over Christmas break and practice every day after school. The girls are dedicated and understand that if they want to get better,they need to put in the work, even if they may not like to admit it at the moment. 

All of the girls are very close on the team since they go through the same struggles, and they lose and win as a team. Harbor expressed, “I don’t think I’m the closest with anyone specifically because I would always talk to all of the girls.” The girls are like a family. 

Hoyt said, “Personally the best part of the season is finishing with a winning season and having 9 more wins than last season.”

Natalee Hoyt shared some advice for anyone wanting to play basketball in the future. “Keep pushing because practices are really hard and not always fun but it is worth it in the end.” 

Harbor also gave some advice, “My advice for future players is to keep pushing even when you are at the breaking point because that’s when you truly get better.”