St. Louis Sharks powerlifting team last competition of the season


Courtesy Photo

Cole Lombard captured mid-dead lift.

Rowan Harris, Staff Writer

The St. Louis Sharks powerlifting team competed at Mona Shores High School Saturday, Feb. 25, against 28 other teams. The team finished 14th, and with this regional meet, it has concluded its season. 

Coach Andrew Wawersik remarked on just how well the team did at the meet.

“I think we, as a team, did very well overall,” shared Wawersik. “I think they really just gave it their all.”

A lot of effort was put into the season, both by the coach and the members of the club. Mikayla Haag, a senior powerlifter, said, “Getting up all nine of my lifts at this meet was definitely a good feeling. It was definitely touch and go, however, I was still very grateful that I got the chance to get them all up.”

“There were a lot of PRs set throughout the season. I know that everyone gave all they had, and I’m very proud of them for that,” stated Wawersik. 

Haag herself had set a PR at the last competition. “Getting my PR in deadlift was very relieving and extremely rewarding,” Haag remarked. “I was super appreciative of all the support I got from the people all around me. At the beginning of this season, I definitely wasn’t expecting to lift as much as I did.”

While the powerlifting season may be short, that doesn’t mean the club will be coming to an end. “Next year, I plan on taking us to more meets,” shared Wawersik. “With this being a first-year program, I thought we experienced some great successes, and I’m looking forward to building this program up throughout the years.”

“The experiences I’ve gotten from lifting have been extremely rewarding,” shared Haag, regarding her experience during the short season. “The people, energy, and lessons learned have been something I’ll value. While there weren’t that many of us, it was nice having a good bond with my teammates and being able to support and be supported. Coach Wawersik was a great coach and supporter as well.”