St. Louis junior beats two school records!


Beth Russell

Josie Schrot poses next to the bulletin board dedicated to her accomplishments.

Autumn Mann, Staff Editor

St. Louis left proud and shocked as Josie Schrot had an awesome night Feb. 24, at the game against Saginaw Nouvel, and the team left with a huge win, 70-15. 

Schrot is a point guard for the Sharks’ varsity girls’ basketball and she beat two of the school’s records! She was also close to setting a state record that Friday night. Schrot is only a junior and is making her name known as she hit 13 three-pointers and had a 43-point performance in one game! The previous school record she beat was 41 points. She was only four points away from beating the state record of 16 three pointers. Schrot expressed, “What keeps me playing is that I want to accomplish goals each year and be able to beat a new record each year. Also, my sister has been a huge part of my basketball career and always pushes me to the limit.”

Schrot’s favorite part of basketball is that she’s been able to play along the side of her teammates and knowing that they have her back. This team worked hard and put in so much effort throughout the season, ending the year with 13 wins and 8 losses. Athletic Director Bryan Anderson expressed, “For me, I’m very happy for Josie, and it’s really awesome that she was able to do that. However, we can’t forget the team that helped her get those threes. That is something that cannot be forgotten. Coach Doug Knauf draws up great plays to get her open. In order for someone to get open like that, they’re going to have screens to be set. So, we’re very happy for Josie, but we know it wouldn’t be possible without the team.” 

Schrot also said, “Beating two school records in one game is crazy to me, and I never thought I could do it. Having my teammates there supporting me and my family was one of the best feelings ever and hopefully next season I will be able to accomplish more.”