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  • September 1SLHS welcomes 5 new teachers!

2018-2019 Staff

Keegan Honig

His interests include sports, such as running, basketball, and baseball, and he loves to watch Michigan football and basketball. He also enjoys music and playing instruments and loves to write. His friends say that he's funn...

Lily Hindenlang might some day grace the octagon as an MMA fighter!

Lily Hindenlang

Lily's interests include: mixed martial arts, cross-fit, fishing, hunting, running, and spending time with her lizard. Her friends say she's upfront about things and she says whatever is on her mind. Her biggest fear is probably...

WilFred Howey

WilFred Howey

WilFred has lots of interests and hobbies which are: collecting antiques, reading, watching horror movies, writing stories, BPA, IVD, Woodshop, Drama Club, and gaming. His friends say, "WilFred is pretty cool. He is fun to b...

Diamond Neph chills in his yard, enjoying the warm summer day

Diamond Neph

Diamond Neph is a senior, and his interests and hobbies include: video production and creative writing. Diamond would hope his friends would say that he is a fun-loving smart-alek. He would say his biggest fear is going throu...

Modestie carried

Modestie Hitchcock

Modestie Hitchcock enjoys being very active and involved in many extra-curricular's. She's a member of the golf team and the wrestling team and enjoys being around animals and being outside. Her friends say she's a caring person...

Emily Harrier with her brother.

Emily Harrier

Some of her favorite hobbies are pin collecting, reading, and listening/collecting old music records. Her friends say she's nice, and most of the time very quiet. She is quite enthusiastic when it comes to what she's passiona...

Sarah Humphrey

Sarah Humphrey

Sarah's friends would say that she's kind, caring, and she tries her best to make others happy. Her interests include reading, writing, listening to music, and helping people. She fears losing people she loves and one of her ...

Holli Rivards senior picture.

Holli Rivard

Holli is a senior, and some of her hobbies and interests include: writing, reading poetry, hanging out with her friends, and going on adventures. Her friends would say she loves helping people. They would also say she's always...

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