SLHS Marching Band back in action!


Courtesy Photo

SLHS Marching Band practices their routine on the football field preparing for their future events.

Rowan Harris, Writer

With the football action starting up again, the St. Louis marching band is gearing up for a riveting performance season. Conducted by director Stephen Lawhorne, the band’s setlist for this year is “Hard Rock,” consisting of songs like “Crazy Train” and “Enter Sandman.” The band has been working tirelessly since the beginning of band camp during the last week of July, ending in a spectacular performance for family and friends July 29. The band has since rehearsed the set many times, ranging from Monday night practices to in-class sessions.

Director Lawhorne is the one behind all this preparation for the band, and when asked about his confidence regarding the band, he replied, “I’m very confident. This is the best start to a year yet.” Confidence is shared between the band and the director, which displays the hard work both parties put in to make the show stand out.

The show is a standout performance, with a unique and recognizable set both performers and audience members will enjoy. Lawhorne remarked, “We listened to the songs last Spring, and narrowed it down, and students liked these songs and the crowd likes these songs, and I think it’s good stand music too. It’s great for the football team.” 

Sadly, the band was not able to perform their show at the football game Aug. 25 due to rain. Lawhorne responded to the rain remarkably well, commenting that, “When you get rained out like that, you just take it one step at a time. We couldn’t play pregame, so we waited to see if we could play halftime. Sometimes that doesn’t happen. It gives you one less performance, so for me, it gives you time to be more prepared for the next one.”

Olivia Good, a junior in the St. Louis High School marching band, has been working tirelessly as a member of the drumline. Starting originally as a saxophone player, she has since joined the drumline as a bass drum player. “‘Crazy Train’ is definitely my favorite song to play,” she commented. “The vibe the whole band has for the song is so fun.”

Past rain and practice struggles aside, the band will get to perform its first football show Friday, Sept. 16, at  St. Louis.