There’s a new face in SLHS: Andrew Snoblen

St. Louis High School welcomes brand-new math teacher


Keegan Honig

Mr. Snoblen is already hard at work with grading students’ papers.

Keegan Honig, Editor

St. Louis High School is welcoming a new teacher this year: Mr. Andrew Snoblen. Mr. Snoblen grew up in Alma, Michigan and went to Alma High School. He attended Northwood University before transferring to Alma College to earn his Bachelors of Science Degree. Snoblen says, “after my student teaching, I was a substitute teacher in local school districts. I was able to find a few long term sub positions while I was looking for a teaching position around the state. Most recently I was a Special Education Parapro working with students grades 7-12 before becoming a teacher here at St. Louis.”

Snoblen enjoys teaching, but especially teaching math. When asked what his favorite material to teach is, Snoblen replied, “Algebra 1. Mainly the material on solving one or two step equations. As freshmen, it is usually their first time dealing with variables and solving for them. It’s interesting to see some of their reactions when all of a sudden you have a letter in an equation instead of numbers.”

Mr. Snoblen really enjoys math, and his enjoyment of it began at a young age at school. He said his math teachers in middle school had a huge impact on him, and they are a main reason that math became his strongest subject in school. He was advanced in math all through school, so teaching math to students is a great fit for him.

Snoblen grew up in Alma, so he wanted to stay in the area to teach. He said, “This summer Ms. McKittrick gave me the opportunity to interview here at St. Louis, and I heard nothing but great things about what she and the staff have done here at St. Louis. So when she offered me the job, it was a no-brainer. I get to stay here in mid-Michigan and get the opportunity to teach and impact today’s youth.”

Snoblen enjoys sports, especially football and basketball. His favorite NFL team is the Green Bay Packers, and his favorite college teams are “Michigan and anyone that beats Ohio State.” Snoblen says that the coolest place he’s ever traveled to is Chicago. He got to visit Northwestern’s indoor football facility, and he stated, “It is probably the best indoor facility in the nation now. Being brand new with glass windows looking out at the shore with Lake Michigan right there, it was unbelievable.”

Mr. Snoblen is enjoying his time teaching here at SLHS so far, and the students are getting to know him more each day. Sophomore Willow Fuentes said, “He is pretty cool, and he’s funny.”